Thursday, 4 June 2015

grateful: favourite physical traits

This week on the gratitude challenge, I'm supposed to be talking about my favourite physical trait. That could get awfy uncomfortable don't you think?

Luckily I can't think of one that fits the bill by itself, so here are some physical traits which I'm mad keen on.


I must admit that nearly everyone I've ever dated had long hair. My husband doesn't, because he's got hair like wild heather which needs to be shorn (although I like that when it's getting a bit wild too), because you can't periodically burn it.

I'm very grateful that my gorgeous boy chooses to have long hair, that my big girl lets me try out complicated plaits on her hair, and that my little girl knew her mind and had the strength of character to demand, and suit down to the ground, a bob.


This is going to sound crazy, but don't you think that some people just exude warmth? I have a friend who I always try to sit close to because I love to bask in the warm glow of them... That's not creepy at all, huh? I also love people who are willing to share their warmth, and those who will tolerate my cold feet. Thanks.


I'm 5,9" and I really like to be tall. To be honest, I would like to be a bit taller, unusually tall (but so I could still buy clothes from tall ranges). I also like men to be taller than me, which is utterly ridiculous, but there you go. What's good about height? This stuff:

  • People look up to you - literally. Tall people are more likely to get managerial roles. Even if you take education and background into account.
  • You can get away with being bigger dress sizes more easily.
  • You can see over crowds (this is how my Mum (5'11") met the man who'd introduce her to my Dad, so it's pretty awesome.
  • You get served younger (maybe I shouldn't have put that on the list?).
  • You can't be pathetic (much), because you feel utterly ridiculous crying on a shoulder you have to bend down to.
  • You get noticed.
Height isn't all good of course. My brother is 6'4" and has to duck under doors, which must be really annoying. He also can't get a bed that his feet fit in. Tall men are also at much greater risk of testicular cancer; a fact that is simultaneously weird and rubbish.

I love Imani Cezanne's attitude to her height, as demonstrated in this poem, Heels (not suitable for kids). Still don't like high heels though.
"You think people won't notice you? You should shine brighter."


I blame my genes for my weight issues. My great grandfather was so fat that they had to open the double door of the cinema to let him in. Of course, cake might have something to do with it as well.

Happily this year I've lost 2.5 stone with Slimming World (so far). I'm intending to stick with it this time. There will be no more babies to make things complicated. That said, I am grateful for gaining weight after my last pregnancy. It helped fill up a lot of overstretched skin, which is now shrinking gradually. A quick mention here to my friend Helen who talked me down when I was beside myself about my post-baby body. Thank you.

I'm learning lots from my big girl, who stops eating when she's had enough. I've heard about this eating technique, but couldn't get my head around the concept of having enough. I'm always impressed with her self-control and also with her willingness to choose fruit over chocolate. I'm trying to emulate her ways.

 Soft skin

I love that ridiculously soft skin young children have, I'm constantly bugging my little girl by wanting to stroke her cheek or her arms. Her skin is so perfect, I just want to touch it.

I have excema so I'm constantly looking after my skin to avoid looking like a reptile. Soft skin would be awesome.

What are your favourite physical traits?