Friday, 19 June 2015

watching TV

Do we still have TV seasons?

I must admit, I just record stuff, and watch it when I can prise my husband away from the TV (or while I'm having a coffee and the kids are at school). I even sometimes watch TV with my husband! But not often. We keep that for Game of Thrones, and... no, just Game of Thrones.

So today I thought I'd tell you five programmes I'm currently watching, and ask you what you're watching that's good, because TV doesn't work like it used to do, in that you'd just pick a channel and watch it until it was so boring you were willing to stand up, walk over to the TV, and switch it to one of the other two channels. Now we have acres of dross to wade through to find the diamonds.

So here's what I'm watching at the moment (and please accept my apologies if they've finished and I just haven't caught up):

1. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has just finished series 5. It's partly caught up with the books, partly gone past, and partly thrown the books to the side and taken its own path. I am all good with all of those paths. I was a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse series of books and True Blood, and I was chuffing delighted when Lafayette got to live in the TV series, because he's Lafaychuffingette!

Back to Game of Thrones, I was thrilled to see what happened at Hardhome (although that was in the daytime wasn't it?), excited to see Tyrion with Dany (but where has Varys been? It makes me wonder if there's another Targaryen coming), and wondering how Jon's going to get on (because surely R+L=J, and whatever Kit Harington says J=ice, surely? And also surely Melisandre is back at the wall for a reason). I'm trying to be vague here. I am also delighted that Jaqen H'gar is still extant, and being the kindly man, rather than being the Alchemist (although is it the same person?), because I love Jaqen H'gar. I'm not sure about what is gong on in Dorne, but I wouldn't mind a holiday there. Dornish red anyone?

2. The Good Wife

Oh the Good Wife! I know that the latest season has finished (although I can't believe it), but I've given you a trailer for season 1 because I know this is a series that has passed many by, and if you haven't watched it YOU ARE MISSING OUT. Generally I have no idea what Peter was/is thinking, because surely Alicia is just the best woman ever?! I sobbed my heart out when that thing happened to Will (I'm not going into it in case you haven't watched it), and why did Danny Elfman go? Can he come back? Alicia for president of the world!

3. Scandal

I didn't start watching Scandal until series 2, and looking at this trailer I think Olivia looks a bit flimsy in Series 1. It's like she hasn't quite owned the role yet. However, I don't think you should just start now, because it's far too silly. You have to go on with all the twists and turns and accept them one bite at a time, rather than eating the elephant of daftness that is Scandal.

4. Humans

It's just started, but I've not watched it yet, but it looks good, and British too! I'm looking forward to Humans. Are you? Also, there are some seriously interesting sartorial choices in this programme. 

5. Madam Secretary

Something recommended this to me, possibly because of my obsession with Scandal. It's OK, and I have a feeling it's a grower, it's certainly getting more involved as it goes along, and I have no thoughts of switching off yet, but I can't quite work out why Elizabeth McCord is Secretary of State (which in this programme seems to mainly involve throwing vast resources at silly people), why she likes the clearly corrupt President, why the Chief of Staff is such an arse (and who was that actor in other things?), and why her hubby is so cute, and yet so incredibly dull? They make a big deal about him being cute, but he's just in-crowd cute, he's not sexy... which bring me back to Game of Thrones. In that, there are lots of references to Jon Snow being good looking, and Kit Harington has quite the following that think he's sexy, although he problematises this in an excellent and intelligent way, which makes me think that maybe he is sexy after all. Here's what he said to
“I think young men do get objectified, do get sexualized unnecessarily. As a person who is definitely in that category, as a young leading man in this world, I feel I have a unique voice to talk about that... ‘It just needs to be highlighted.’ With every photo shoot I ever go to, I’m told to take off my shirt, and I don’t.”
Not that I'm obsessed with Game of Thrones or anything... you're watching it, right?