Friday, 31 July 2015

listening in: 5 programmes worth listening to

This is a thing isn't it? I love listening to podcasts; it's the way that fits around my life that I can learn stuff, follow up my obsessions, and get excited about things. I mainly seem to listen while doing laundry, and with three children, there's plenty of laundry!

1. First up is ostensibly a comedy from Mark Thomas, talking about his Dad's relationship with opera. I laughed, but I cried too. It's so worth a listen. You'll find it here.

2. Nick Hanauer's TED talk on wealth inequality is really interesting. He's a very wealthy man, but he makes a really good case for why that wealth should be shared. David Cameron could learn a thing or two from this talk.

3. Another TED talk, this time from Elora Hardy, on the magical buildings she designs, which are made from bamboo. It made me think of my cousin who lived in Bali and whose daughter went to a Green School (was it that Green School? It looks similar), and also of my daughter, who loves drawing buildings, but isn't sure if she'd be good enough to become an architect (we're saving up!). Wouldn't it be amazing if we could get more architects to do innovative work, to build us all beautiful, useful homes, which wouldn't cost the earth.

4. I seem to have a thing about TED talks: Here's Esther Perel talking about infidelity, in a really interesting talk:

5. Finally, there is a really interesting Desert Island Discs with Prof Lisa Jardine, which you'll find here. She's incredibly clever, and confident in her opinions, and I don't like all her musical choices, but it's interesting to hear why she chose them.