Saturday, 4 July 2015


So Fat Mum Slim writer, Chantelle Elem has had an idea to turn her girls' baby clothes into a quilt.

This is a brilliant idea, to repurpose things that you want to keep, but can't use any more. I love it.

I also loved it when I heard about the woman who had turned a dead man's shirt collection into two beautiful quilts for his bereaved wife and daughter (there's a lovely article in The Guardian, here). Who knew boring old shirts could be rendered so beautiful?

And I loved the blanket that my sister made for her niece/mini me, out of her old T-shirts. It's beautiful, quirky, and individual, and we're never going to forget who made it.

Inspired by my sister's efforts (which are awesome despite being a little random, I decided to chop up my youngest daughter's baby clothes (only the ones with cute patterns, or that were really meaningful), and I made a floor cushion.

To ensure it would tessellate effectively, I cut a large square out of a cereal packet, and used this template where I could get it to fit. I also cut a rectangle, half the size of the square for where it wouldn't fit. The squares meant that the fabric could be turned around, but you could do any straight-sided shape you liked, or even build a picture using the fabric scraps.

I cut the fabric out, leaving about 1cm around the templates, for sewing it together, and then machine stitched it into rows, trying to ensure I kept the fabrics varied. I then stitched the rows together, and finally stitched the whole lot onto a duvet cover which I was amending to repurpose to cover a floor cushion.

I like it all a bit rustic looking, but you may be able to get more professional. Like the gorgeous quilts made out of the shirts. Alternatively, you could just pass the fabric over to someone who does it for a living... They're bound to get a better finish.

At which point I was going to recommend a local business (not much good to you Chantelle, sorry, but it's always good to do), but I can't find the details. Does anyone know the new name for Quilty Secrets?

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