Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Weather Project: Summer holiday edit

We went on holiday - all of us - abroad! We went somewhere where it DID NOT RAIN EVEN ONCE THE WHOLE TIME, where the temperature rarely dipped below 30C and occasionally topped 40C, and this Goth survived.

In fact, I loved it.

I am profoundly grateful to my in-laws for taking us all to stay in Mallorca, and to Mallorca for being so beautifully hot and sunny.

We went to a lot of beaches, the children swam in the sea, and were delighted to see fishes swimming alongside them. I was not so delighted, but instead freaked out when some seaweed touched me and after that looked after everyone's stuff!

The heat made us change how we spent our days. The afternoons were too hot to do anything, so we would 'chill' out in our villa, playing in the pool and reading books, and then go out to do more exploring, and to eat dinner.

The kids were up to about 10pm every night, and that worked wonderfully. We all got plenty of down time in the afternoons (it totally helped that there were lots of adults on hand, which again, I'm very grateful for), and exploring picturesque places like Pollenca and Alcudia in the evenings was lovely.

It was weird to me that there were very few types of plants growing, but things did grow, even without much rain (it does rain in Mallorca, but hardly at all in July - peak rainfall comes in October, when it rains around half the days (which sounds like an amazing summer in Scotland)).

Let us not discuss our Scottish summer weather any more. We could maybe do that next time.

The good news is that we people of the United Kingdom are free to move elsewhere in the EU, and some of it is lovely and warm. 

We have less ants though.

Our next holiday involves camping in Yorkshire. Cross your fingers for us.

Where have you been on your holidays? And were the weather gods kind?