Wednesday, 26 August 2015

having a #climatemoment

I've got bad news.

We don't actually control the weather with our moods. Not even Nick Cave.

It's a bit like a domino effect in a domino factory, and it's nigh on impossible to work out all the ramifications, but we do actually control some of the weather with our behaviour.

I remember when people started getting worried, when I was a kid. Then they were talking about CFCs in fridges, aerosol cans. People were talking about global warming.

I grew up in Yorkshire, and I wasn't sure that global warming might not be a good thing for me. It might warm up a bit. The river might get wider, and flood the park. I could see that people, and our pollution, had already had a big impression on the landscape. All the sandstone buildings in my town were black from smoke pollution, which had been banned with the clean air laws. It felt like we were making progress.

I felt pretty sure that we could sort this one out too.

But I wasn't counting on powerful people being willfully ignorant.

You know this rubbish weather we've been having? Well it turns out that that is due to global warming. Sadly it doesn't get warmer for us, instead, the cold, wet air that's supposed to be further north is dragged down here to rain on our summer parades.

We're getting more days like this (taken 1st June)
And less like this (taken 11 June)
But all hope is not lost. The United Nations are having a conference in Paris this November to discuss climate change. They want to come to a universal agreement on climate. We can all do what we can too.

But what can little old me do to make a difference? Even a little one? David Suzuki has a really useful list (check it out), and, inspired by that we're going to try to affect these changes:

  • We are going to walk home from school when possible.
  • We are going to buy more stuff from our local butcher/greengrocer/fishmonger (and I do appreciate we're lucky to have them).
  • We're trying to reduce what we throw out and recycle what has to go (and I'm going to add to this by complaining to companies that over-package stuff, especially children's toys which are a bloomin' nightmare).
  • We are going to re-use our shopping bags unto destruction (even if that means using a North Ayrshire Council bag in Claridges).
  • The stuff we have in our modern home is all pretty energy efficient, we have LED lights and a low energy washer and dryer (which we only use when it's raining - so most of the time). But we can improve our energy efficiency. My prime way of doing this is going to be attempting to leave the hall light off at night (there may be a riot), and unplugging laptops which aren't being used. Also, despite my love of being warm, I promise to wear a jumper before I stick the heating on.
This hideous summer has been a real #climatemoment for me. Not that I didn't think it was an important issue before, but this has literally hit it home. We need to stop climate change, because it's cheaper than moving to another planet, and also because wasting stuff is just rude.

What efforts are you making? And what has been your #climatemoment?