Friday, 4 September 2015

learning: 5 terrific TED talks

1. First up a talk on Google's driverless cars from Chris Urmson. I want one! I could go on about this all day, but I shall defer to Roman Mars and 99% invisible who did a really great podcast on the topic, if you fancy finding out more.

2. Next is an amazing appearance from Monica Lewinski, on cyber bullying, and steps we can all make to make things better for everyone. Many thanks to A Beautiful Mess for pointing out this TED talk in their marvellous piece on cyber bullying, which you'll find here.

3. Margaret Heffernan talks about the origin of the phrase 'pecking order', and how important social cohesion is in an effective workplace. This is fascinating.

4. I love this TED talk about feminism from Roxane Gay. It's funny and true and just beautiful. "I very much am that woman and cannot imagine being anyone else." Fabulous.

5. Last up is a really interesting talk on pain relief from Latif Nasser. Having suffered from random pain in the past (more on that here), I know how all-consuming it can be.

What TED talks have you been watching/listening to lately?