Thursday, 3 September 2015

making over my bedroom: in green and brown

Now that my youngest has started full time school*, I allegedly have more time in the day, although any idea that I'd have hours of time to skip gaily around were sadly mistaken - there still aren't enough hours in the day!

I have finally got around to redecorating my bedroom, which was still in its original white, with old chests of drawers which didn't really go, a brown carpet, and hastily chosen curtains.

It was OK, but I wanted it to be cosy and snug, and feel like a grown up space. So I decided to paint all of the walls. Sadly that meant that this lovely decal I'd bought when we moved in (to personalise it a bit while we waited to decide what colour to go) had to go.

I found the colour I wanted and went to B&Q** to have them colour match it and make me up a great big 5 litre tin of paint to do the whole room. This was a pretty cost effective way to do it. The paint they use for colour matching is Valspar Matt Interior paint for walls and ceiling. It was good paint to work with, not too drippy, but giving good coverage, and drying pretty quick. It was also not too stinky. It was fine to sleep in the room after it had been painted. 5 litres was about £35, and the colour matching process was pretty accurate. The only problem was that you're shown the colour in a tiny little circle on the monitor in-store, a circle about the size of a penny, and it is really hard to work out from that if this is the colour to go with, but they can save your colour and give you a tester pot if you want to check it.

I washed the walls with sugar soap, and put masking tape on all the bits I didn't want painted, and then commenced painting. The colour looked a bit muddy at first, but it got better when it dried, and when there was less white.

I did the main bits of the wall with a roller, which worked like a dream, and hardly needed any touching up, or second coat. The edge bits, and the fiddly bits behind the radiator, and in the corners I did with a couple of paintbrushes (a little paintbrush for flowing movements and a bigger one (pictured) for cutting in, and going behind the radiator. I'm told you're supposed to take the radiator off, as well as face plates on the light switches and stuff, but really, who does that!?

The end result is that I'm very happy with the room. I was worried it might be a bit gloomy, but it's lovely and cosy instead. I like the way the wooden furniture looks now it's against the green background, and I've made a start on putting up some pictures. I've got more pictures that will go up, and plan to make that whole wall into a picture wall in time.

While we're talking picture walls, I adore the IKEA Ribba frames (and there are more of them in the loft, awaiting pictures), but they can be a royal pain to hang. I was grateful to Lauren of L'Amour Chez Nous for her top tip for hanging them (basically you need a nice long nail). Thanks Lauren!

The things still to do are: get more pictures up; get a bedside cabinet (because there's not enough room for all the wires and magazines etc, and it looks an unholy mess); and replace my earring tree (because I have broken it too much, and because it doesn't take stud earrings).

As you can see, the colour is more muddy grey in daylight (which sounds horrible, but is actually rather nice, imho), and gets greener under the overhead light.

The lovely red chair was a present from my mother-in-law, whose friend upholstered it. I personally love red and green, but it's not to everyone's taste. The chair is usually covered in clothes/cat/both, but I've tidied up for you.

This is the first time I have owned a brand new house. I never thought I would. I thought new houses were bland and pokey, and rather shodilly built, and I'd really rather live in a Victorian house with big windows, curious draughts, and picture rails.

I still love Victorian houses, but renting a new house brought awareness of the benefits - they are so cheap to run! All the heating bills seem to go on actually heating the house, rather than the sky above it.

So that, and what was available when we needed to move, has led us to buy this very new build.

It came white, so I left it white to start off with, so we could use the house and see how we actually used it. Now I'm working my way around the rooms and decorating. That's the bedrooms done, the study/playroom is next, and I've already bought the paint for that job! 

I've got some ideas for the hall, but I'm completely stuck on the lounge/kitchen/diner, so I'm going to leave them for now. I suspect they'll get left a bit longer, because we're making the garage into another sitting room, which is very exciting (and the kids have lots of ideas for decorating that).

I am loving the process of making this blank canvas home ours, and am grateful for being able to do it***.

I'll let you know how I get on with the other jobs to finish the bedroom, and how the study comes on.
Have you been doing any decorating lately?

* School update: She's doing so much better, but still feels scared sometimes, and gets really worried before she goes in. On the plus side, she comes out of school buzzing about what she's done all day, she loves her teacher, and she can't wait to do her homework (my son could take a leaf out of her book on that front). I'm proud of her, and know she's going to get there soon.

** B&Q have not paid me for this honest review, but if they wanted to pay me to do something in the future I'd be cool with that.

*** This post is for the gratitude project, and is on the topic of 'my home'.