Thursday, 29 October 2015


When I was young I wore purple. I also had a red hat, that did not go, but let's not take this too far...

That's me in the purple starry dress, made, in velour, by my gifted seamstress mother. My brother, Eoian, is rocking the stripes at the front.
I've been through various colour phases in my life, but I'm now pretty happy in black and sludgy colours (ideally if you think I would fit right in on a quest, possibly with some elves, I've got the desired look).

My hair bores me though. As you can see above, it started out ash blonde, but got darker, until it reached a sort of 'meh' colour, which was just awful.

I started dying it at 15, and soon went BLACK. I loved having black hair, then for a while I loved having purple hair, although I bleached it to get it purple. I bleached it A LOT, and apparently, your hair doesn't like that. As I've got older I decided to attempt to go back to my natural colour. It took a long time, and many trips to hairdressers for things like colour correction, but I eventually got there.

And my natural colour was still boring.

So this year I tried to work out what colour would go with my colouring, suit me, and make me happy...

That'd be dark green.

I love my hair this colour. It makes me feel more me, and I'm hugely grateful to the ladies at Boutique Hair Spa for letting it stay this way (without having a green shower). My hair makes me want to wear makeup again (sometimes), and have more fun with clothes.

I'm loving it, and I'm talking about it because someone called it a mid-life crisis the other day (they were talking about their own coloured hair). I'm not trying to recapture my youth. If I was, my hair would be black or purple. But my green hair does seem to me to be connected with this mid-life period I am certainly in. This is me, now. I'm an incredibly lucky 42 year old woman, married to a loving, hardworking man, and with three healthy and intelligent children, and a sweet, friendly, and warm cat. I love our home, our town, and I'm glad to be living in Scotland. Let us gloss over the weather for now. I am finally in a position where I can focus on writing, which I absolutely adore doing, and while I am content to be bad at it until I'm good, I wouldn't mind getting good a bit faster!

This is a post for the gratitude project, and it's coming out on my birthday. As well as all the above I'm profoundly grateful for the cuddles and gifts I received from my children, far-off friends and family and my husband this morning (the elves have eaten the fudge). and am looking forward to several days of celebration. I am also very happy that my birthday is on a Thursday because that is my faourite day (possibly because of Tomorrow's World, because it sure isn't because of all the homework that must now be done on a Thursday).

42 is of course the answer to life, the universe, and everything. 

What is the question? 

For me, it's 'what would you regret doing or not doing, on your death bed'? 

I would regret not trying to write. I would regret trying to be 'normal' (whatever that is). I would regret missing kisses and cuddles, and snuggly blankets. I would regret not having more time to spend with my kids. So I'm doing my best to be happy each day. 

There will still be regrets, but hopefully, too few to mention.