Tuesday, 20 October 2015

dressing up a cabinet

Mandi Johnson of A Beautiful Mess may think that painting furniture is lazy (although how she can when her idea of painting furniture involves stripping some of that paint straight off again to give it a 'distressed' look, and then coating the piece in something to stop it getting further distressed?), but that's what today's post is all about.

You know how when you decorate something, it makes something else look shabby? Well, when I recently decorated my bedroom, I found myself perturbed at the makeshift look of my husband's bedside table.

It wasn't big enough for all the magazines, e-readers, and general stuff that got put on it, and it was accompanied by a tangle of wires for chargers. Kenny has a great love of devices, and all the many chargers that go with them. In this picture I've shoved the wires behind a bin, under the table, but that wasn't a long term solution. I decided he needed a cupboard, but I had no funding.

What to do?

Well, I had a look around for something cheap, but couldn't find anything that was cheap and went with the new look of the bedroom.

Then my in-laws heard that I was looking for a cabinet and kindly gave me one (they've just had their bathroom re-done).

A white MDF, wicker drawered, bathroom cabinet. It was slightly water damaged, but I looked up what to do about that.

Here is where we sanded away the swollen bits caused by water damage.

I didn't like it being white, so decided to repaint the whole thing.

I had paint left over from painting the room, so I used that, rather than splashing out on anything. But before I did that I cut out a bit on the back panel to allow a plug to pass through and into one of the baskets (this enables the wires to be kept tidy during the day, although they still come out at night). I didn't do a very tidy job of cutting out the hole, but it's good enough.

Here it is after 2-3 coats of the green paint. Kenny's got places to put things, and it fits in in the room alright. There are still wires poking out the back, but it's a lot better than it was, and it will do nicely.

This is a post for the gratitude project. I'm grateful to my in-laws for providing the drawers, and to Kenny for using them.

Painting furniture doesn't seem especially lazy to me, although I don't think this item is a long term keeper!

Have you painted any furniture lately?