Friday, 2 October 2015

thinking of Wraeththu - five bands that would not be out of place in Immanion.

Recently, for the wonderful Margot Meanie's rebellious self love challenge (search #rebelliousselflove on instagram, it's fabulous), we were asked to give a shout out to a role model.

I decided on Storm Constantine, because she writes brilliant books, she looks fabulous, and she gives new writers a leg up. She has long been an inspiration to me, from making me feel that writing would be possible, to just basically trying to look like her.

My Mum got the First Book of Wraeththu out of the library (Storm's breakthrough success). She was impressed, and passed it to me. I was very impressed, and hooked into the world of Calanthe (I wasn't allowed to call my first born that), and Pellaz. 

I loved the detail she went into in the Wraeththu world, creating a religion you could believe in, a cast system that could work wonderfully (or be used horribly), and a new world drawn over the top of the old. 

The difficulty of breaking away from old habits and ideas is one of the key ideas of the Wraeththu books, and I loved the way she worked through them, starting with rebellious, beautiful boys, and turning them into creatures which could move our world beyond capitalism, race, and gender.

Her books are so worth a read (and not just the Wraeththu ones).

Storm has a gothic personal style, and her characters are clearly influenced by gothic beauty ideals in the late 80s / early 90s. Today for Friday's Fabulous Five I'm sharing five videos of bands which seem to me to share the aesthetic (I love four of them, the other one makes me laugh - can you guess which?).

First up, Black Veil Brides, because I love the way that guy keeps on smiling with his gleaming American teeth: "I'm not afraid to die (chuckle)." This was the video that gave me the idea to do this post, because it's SO Wraeththu!

Reaching into the past for the next one, from Gene Loves Jezebel. Not my favourite song, but they don't have many videos. Watching this, I'm wondering if I should have put the Dog's D'Amour on the list, but they can just be a little bonus.

Next up it's The Rasmus. I so love this chap's voice.

I only came across Maryann Cotton quite recently, when I was googling information on a historical British possible serial killer (Mary Ann Cotton). The Alice Cooper thing he's trying to do is really sweet, and he's got a good band (one of those hairy axe men is his Dad). He reminds me of Pellaz (while he's working out what he's doing). Also, despite this allegedly being a shock rock band, I do like that he is the one that gets murdered (spoiler), and in another song he tells a girl that whether she wants him to or not he's going to have a crush on her. Awww. Proper modern rock boy.

Last up, it's another blast from the past, and the face I imagine Calanthe having, the very beautiful David Sylvian of Japan, with a little advice for anyone considering revenge porn.

What would you add to the list of Wraeththuites?