Sunday, 7 February 2016

11 questions answered

I am taking so much inspiration at the moment from the lovely Sara of Mum Turned Mom, I'm using her prompts for poetic inspiration, I'm blatantly copying her idea of a monthly sibling picture (and more on that in a forthcoming post), and today I'm answering 11 questions she has posed...

Here are her 11 questions, and my answers.

1. How did your blog get its name?

Our family moved to live by the sea and I wanted to accentuate the positive, so was influenced by the famous song... although I got the words a bit wrong. I keep thinking of changing the name, but I've got kind of fond of Oh we do...

2. What fictional character would you most like to meet?

This is a bit self centred, but honestly I'd most like to meet my own characters, especially the landlady of the pub in a book I'm writing. I guess I know them already, but it'd be nice to hear what they say when I'm not writing it. I always have trouble imagining what they're all doing while I'm focusing on the ones in the scene as well, so it would be lovely to go to the pub and have it all going on right there... although I'm not sure I'd fancy the beer.

3. Where in the world would you most like to live?

Here - we've got a good school, good shops and good health services. I would add some more family and friends, and some blooming sunshine. Perhaps we could move the whole thing to Cornwall or lovely sunny Suffolk? That would be perfect.

4. What is your dream job?

Writing. I love to lose myself in creating a story, and I hope I'll be able to share those stories one day. I'd love to be an author! I'm working on it... watch this space.

5. What is your favourite meal?

Something someone else cooks! I'm not a big fan of meat, but love good cheese and a yummy salad. With ice cream from Nardini's for pudding.

6. What motto best describes your approach to life?

This year I'm aiming for a kind mindset - a kindset. I think caring is terribly underrated in our culture, but it's very important in life. Not sure it's a motto mind.

7. What is your earliest childhood memory?

Playing with a miniature replica aga, with my best friend and neighbour, Emily. We lived in a big house full of grown ups back then because my parents had lots of lodgers. We had to downsize after a while and I was gutted to move away from Emily.

My little brother, me, and Emily

8. What has been your most important life lesson?

Even wonderful things come to an end. And we can survive that. The end of my first marriage was pretty awful. It's hard to see that there's a way forward when your world is crumbling around you. However, that time passed, and although I'm sad that I am now less trusting, I'm glad to have learned that the wheel turns and keeps on moving.

9. What are you frightened of?

Death, sickness, pain. Still in lots of pain with my shoulder right now, and pain is scary. There's been too much death already this year, so we'll have no more of that thanks.

10. Are you a glass half full/glass half empty person?

It is what it is. Glass half empty probably, but I'd rather just drink it and refill.

11. How would you like to be remembered?

Caring, ascerbic, creative woman who wrote all the books your favourite films and TV series are based on. A national treasure.

I'd like to pass on 11 questions to you now, so here are mine:

  1. What's your favourite scent, and what does it remind you of?
  2. What is your favourite time of day, and why?
  3. If you were thrown into the book you are currently reading, where would you be and what would you do?
  4. Where are you writing this? What can you see?
  5. What would you do if you could do anything you wanted for a few days?
  6. What would be your ideal holiday?
  7. Where will you be in five years time?
  8. What's your favourite colour?
  9. What's the last thing you watched on telly?
  10. What's next on your reading list?
  11. What's the weather like with you?