Thursday, 4 February 2016

fashion blogging... (don't worry, it's not me)

The lovely ladies at Stuff Mom Never Told You were talking about fashion blogging the other month (my finger is on the pulse, as you can no doubt tell), which is the closest they've come to talking about my kind of blogging, so I was fascinated by what they were saying about how people earn money from their blogs.

Fashion bloggers can get sent free clothes, but some of them also manage to earn a living from their blog by getting sponsored to wear the clothes, and talk about them. I certainly go to fashion bloggers to get inspiration on what to wear, rather than going directly to the stores. I am especially keen on:

Sadly, most bloggers, even full time bloggers, don't earn enough from their blogs to call it a wage, so we have to do other stuff, and it's really hard to get a publishing deal for things that have already been on a blog, unless you're publishing it because your blog is already huge, in which case you might already have the money coming in.

Lately I've been working on stuff that I want to get paid for, so I've not been able to share it with you. I'm sorry about that, and hopeful that when it comes to fruition I'll be able to let you know when to buy my work.

In the meantime, I don't want to monetise this blog because I don't really like blogs that are like that, and I'm not currently taking on any more unpaid work, besides which, I'm not going to be a fashion blogger, because this:

But I still love blogging. I love joining up with linkys, and chatting with all my lovely readers, and it's also a space where I can think through things pertaining to the writing happening elsewhere... so I'm not going away.

Watch this space.