Friday, 11 March 2016

enjoying these TED talks: Friday's Fabulous Five

Today on the blog I'm sharing more fab videos from the TED stage that  I've come across lately.

1. First up it's Julia Sweeney, talking about 'the talk'. Have you done it? I attempted it, but was swiftly asked by my son to stop. I clearly need to wait for the question. Eek! Anyway, if and when you do do 'the talk', you might want to have a giggle at Julia's experience.

2. Next is Candy Chang who has beautiful ways of bringing people together which she talks about in this TED talk, focusing on the 'Before I die I want to...' walls which have become popular (not that I've ever seen one). Some of the responses are fascinating. I would be a boring person - I'd want to help my kids with my grandkids, get a book published, and live somewhere warm. What about you?

3. While we're thinking about the cheery subject of death I have this idea of dying and being buried, and little creatures feeding on my body, and contributing nutrients so that someting beautiful can grow on top of my grave... It's not an idea that fits with current burial practices because right now dead people get pumped full of toxic stuff to preserve them, and this makes us actually toxic when we're buried. I would rather not have all that. Jae Rhim Lee has had a brilliant idea which could solve the problem.

4. My kids found some app that lets them play a fake theramin with the mousepad on the laptop. I am remiss, in that I don't know where it was (I'm guessing CBeebies?). Anyway, I googled theramin to show them what someone really playing a theramin looks like and came across this marvel.

5. Last today is Zainab Salbi on the ways that women keep life going during war, and the group she runs: Women for Women International. A fascinating and moving talk.