Tuesday, 12 April 2016

making the most of it

For three very good reasons, I've been sharing photographs on Instagram (find me here) lately with the hashtag #typicallargsweather showing typical Largs weather (when it's sunny).

My good reasons? The first is this:

Did you know that it's not true that Christmas is the peak time for suicide and depression? It's actually Spring. There are various theories about why this is, but what I reckon, here in the frozen north, is that at Christmas you know that things are going to stay rather dreich for a wee while yet, you know that the storms are coming. You just don't know how many and how severe, and that's all rather interesting...

...so long as it stops, and we can have dreams of Spring.

This year hasn't been too bad, we've had lots of nice days over the Spring holidays so far, but then this week the rain and the wind are back, and I would like to take to my bed. It's the crushing of hope, the growing fear that this summer might be like last 'summer'. The wondering why we're still living on the West of Scotland when it's becoming ever clearer we should leave it to the seals [NB this is yucky day thinking].

I know that yucky days have a big impact on my emotional health, and that I need to be cogniscent of that because of the second good reason, another quote, this one by Epictetus:
People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of them.
So for instance, I wasn't upset about having a caesarian for my third child because it felt like the sensible thing to do in the circumstances, but I was upset about having forceps for my first child because I felt powerless and ignored.

When it comes to weather, I think I need to accentuate the positive. This brings me to the third good reason. I'm forever moaning about the weather. I find more and more that I like to be warm, and to see the sun. I guess that's why Spain is full of old people. I don't want to moan about it though. I want to see the bad weather as just passing moments in what is basically good. My big girl once reminded me that even on horrible days, above the clouds the sun was shining. 

I like her style.

So I'm focusing on the positive, and calling the sunshine #typicallargsweather. Even if it's only there for a minute, it's there, and it's worth getting out in, even if only out the back door.

Here are some of my pics so far.

Our garden may be a bit soggy, muddy, and wind-battered. But the garden furniture is out and the sun is shining!

This is the island of Cumbrae. You can catch a ferry there from Largs.

We went for a walk/scoot along the front. Miss 5 is kindly waiting for me, but the other kids were mere specks in the distance. Love this bit of Largs.