Friday, 1 April 2016

Renewal of Sewell: A poetry post

Well this is embarrassing... but I refuse to let that hold me back, so, fairly confident in the idea that Rufus Sewell will never read this poem, here's the poem that I was inspired to write this week by the very lovely Sara over at Mum Turned Mom. This week the prompt was 'renewal'.

I've also been on Amazon, shopping this week, and this book was one they suggested I read. I think I've already read it, a very long time ago, and my 'to read' list is currently too long to add it back on to, but what a gorgeous cover. I hope Amazon and Penguin don't mind me sharing it here. You can of course buy it on Amazon yourself, here's the link. Other bookshops are available.

This poem has been tamed down, in a previous version the 'Philip K' was missing!

Renewal of Sewell

My passion for all things
relating to Sewell
sent me to the library
to seek a renewal.
For while I'm a big fan
of Philip K Dick,
in this new edition
can't get past the pic'
of 'John' on the cover
with his gaze so cruel.
What is his involvement
with Grasshopper jewels?
The Man in the Castle
High remains unread,
and yet every night I
take Rufus to bed.

© Cara L McKee 1/4/16


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