Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The lonely cloud: a poetry post

The prompt over at Mum Turned Mom this week is Lonely, and it got me to thinking about poetry, Wordsworth wandering lonely as a cloud strikes me as odd, it is rare one seens a single cloud in the lake district, surely if there was one by itself, it would be relishing that moment of freedom? I also thought of Henri's mash up of Wordsworth's poem, and of how things can be taken out of the familiar context to give new meaning, both to the word and to the context.

The other thing in my head when I think about 'lonely', is poor Tallulah, who is perhaps the loneliest person at Bugsy Malones when she sings the song about not having to be lonely. But that's what we do. We put our best foot forward, paint on a face and go on with the show.

Anyway, I wrote a poem which doesn't want to be very long, about that little cloud. There are lots of clouds in the sky as I write, but I can't see her. I think sometimes we can feel most lonely when we're surrounded by people who don't seem to get us. Click on the box below if you want to hear me reading the poem.

The lonely cloud

On summer's day I've seen you pass
all gay in that expanse of blue.
You twirl your skirts, a sweet young lass
with nought to care, and nought to do.

But now in this November drear
you trudge across the crowded sky.
You seem alone, though others near.
Perhaps you need some space to fly?

© Cara L McKee 30/11/16

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