Sunday, 12 February 2017

web-logging February 2017

I despair of ever having an original idea, but then who does? I hope I can use other people's ideas in original ways sometimes, and always remain open to ideas.

One idea I loved was that of Aly Hodge of Bug, Bird & Bee doing a proper kind of weblog post, you know, the thing that blogs originally were? She divided it up into sections and called it Right Here, Right Now. Go and have a look. I am shamelessly stealing the idea (and indeed much of the format) here to share what's going on with me at the moment. I'd love to know what's going on with you?

Right now I'm:

Sitting at my gorgeous wooden desk in the living room, watched over by Goth Girl and Emo boy, with the clock ticking on the wall behind me, and Glameow sleeping on the floor at my side. I can hear the girls who are playing Lego Marvel in the front room. My husband is out for a run and my boy is at a sleepover. I have pulled the curtain beside me so that the sun doesn't glare on the screen, but I can hear an aeroplane flying in or out from Glasgow or Prestwick.

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Currently reading:

Revisiting Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, and collecting quotes from it in Google Keep to inspire my writing. The latest quote was from the young Mr Rochester on p51: 

I was young then. A short youth mine was.
Listening to:

I like quiet to write to (this is a bad plan with three children and a desk in the living room). But if I'm doing anything else I’m listening to stuff. My daughters love to listen to chart music, so we listen to the radio a lot. I'm loving Ed Sheeran's Castle on the Hill, which always makes me think of the days when we lived near Framlingham and I used to take my boy there a lot (before the girls were born), and play on the grass under the castle, as well as visiting the church and it's gorgeous artwork. I loved living there. Hope to go back for a holiday soon.

I also listen to lots of podcasts. Right now I've got a huge backlog of things to listen to again. Here are the five at the top of my list right now:
Having fun:

Yesterday we went into Edinburgh to meet up with family and take the boy to his cousin's birthday party. They were playing football in these big inflatable balloons, and it was so funny to watch them. When they came off for a break my husband had a go with his cousin. After that we met up with more family and saw their amazing home makeover, and the cutest dog in the world.

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I'm also taking part in BookRiot's #riotgram photo a day, which is all about books, over on Instagram.

Perving over:

Oh the shame! I saw this video on YouTube, and have been googling images of Trad Goth men since, because weren't they beautiful?! Goths are still beautiful of course, but those were my days. Sigh.


I've not really got onto the planning stage of anything yet. I'm considering various UK destinations for holidays...

Also I've been researching about hangings in Glasgow for a short story which I'm not sure if I'm going to write or not.

I've had lots of poems rejected lately, so I'm working on them (and also writing some more) with a view to getting them out again. 

The Rarest Rose is still being considered by people, and the Chaptershill book is still waiting for me to decide lots of things about it. 


I got Emo boy! See above. It's all good. I'm also learning how to knit, and searching down roads and paths I haven't been down to find new places to go. I'm also practicing my drawing, which I really suck at.

Watching on Sky/Amazon Prime:

I've watched all of Girls and developed a crush on Adam Driver (Kylo Ren), and am currently binge watching Mad Men on Sky Box Sets. I've not been watching Amazon Prime much lately, but have watched the film Chi-Raq which was weirdly awesome.


Cooking is boring, give me restaurants, salads and bread at the moment!


If I actually suck at the writing and should give up. If I will ever be able to draw. If I will ever have an original idea. 


It's all about the drawing at the moment. I'd love to write a graphic novel, but need to be able to draw. Here's a bit of my practice.


Everyone is doing well, bored of the winter and squabbling, but looking forward to the Spring. Everyone learned their Burns poems (more or less), but no-one got through to the Cronies and everyone was quite happy about that. We seem to be pretty club free at the moment, but we're putting all that time to good use having fun.

The boy is in P7 now, and looking forward to transitioning to Academy after the summer. One of the rites of passage is to host the annual school Burns supper, which he went to with his grandparents and thoroughly enjoyed (he liked the haggis too, but avoided the neeps).

Here's Miss 6 doing her Burns poem:
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and here's the boy rocking an ill-fitting kilt:

What have you been up to?