Wednesday, 1 March 2017

One peculiar night: A poetry post

That prompt from Sara at Mum Turned Mom, 'Embrace', has got my mind wandering down all sorts of rabbit holes, I shared one with you yesterday, and here's another, about the sort of embraces you probably shouldn't have ever had. Probably.

One peculiar night

when there was just us
we drank the bar.
I said 
you could do better
than that whispering nothing
who dangles your heart
like a bored cat's toy.

I said 
you could have me
and knew I'd gone too far to stay.

I walked home
on feet that wanted
to return to you.
Buried my fear
of repurcussions
in instant noodles

and there you were!
Swinging on the lampost,
grinning through the window.
I smuggled you in.

Drunkenly fumbling
in bouts of incompetence.
You kissed me,
said we could brave the storm
if you could shelter
in my heart.

I offered shelter
but you caught her sparkling thread
and returned to whispers.

Ⓒ Cara L McKee 28/2/17

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